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Introduction to Esalen® Massage

8 CEUs (NCBTMB approved) for massage therapists

In this introductory course, explore giving and receiving touch from a more centered, curious, and compassionate foundation, through presence based practices and Esalen Massage techniques. Using oil and appropriate draping, participants will practice giving and receiving a full body Esalen massage. This course provides 8 CE hours for massage therapists.



April 22, 2023

10am - 6pm

Presence Studio

1412 Cornwall Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225


Seattle (Capitol Hill)

June 3, 2023

10am - 6pm


Sacred Embodiment Center

1818 E. Mercer St., Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98112



Esalen Massage is characterized by long, flowing, full-body strokes, mixed with passive movements, stretches, rocking, and other techniques aimed to relax and soothe the neuromuscular system and invite increased awareness. 


Presence based touch

Deeply influenced by Charlotte Selver's Sensory Awareness practice, Esalen Massage is a method of awakening the senses. Recipient and practitioner can experience greater ease and alignment in their bodies with gentle but solid contact. 

Patrick neck lift.jpeg

Intuition and Creativity

After exploring the basic techniques of Esalen Massage, practitioners are supported and encouraged to drop the notion of working from a sequence, instead following their inner compass and tuning in to the feedback loop with their partner. 

Still have questions? Check out this 9 minute video showing some basic techniques and narration introducing the history and practice of Esalen Massage. 

To ask questions or to organize an Esalen Massage workshop or certification in your area, start here

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